Would you like to compete at HRCAV club events and represent Moorooduc Saddle Club?

Your HRCAV fees are in addition to the Club fees. They comprise of a membership component and a personal accident levy. The HRCAV year is November 1st to October 31st.  Pro-rata fees apply from August to November only.  To find out more you can access the HRCAV website. If you are considering joining a family member up as a non-riding member, please  note that they must be a member of Moorooduc Saddle Club as a non-riding member, in the first instance.  You must be a member of an HRCAV club to be able to apply for non-riding membership.

The following information is also available for download:

See current fees on HRCAV website

You can subscribe to Chaff Chat monthly magazine without being an HRCAV member.

How to join and what you need to know:

  • Fill in an application form and disclaimer and forward with your payment to MSC direct
  • When we receive your paperwork and payment the appropriate registrations forms the information will be forwarded to the HRCAV
  • Your HRCAV membership and competition cards are mailed back to the HRCAV coordinator. This turnaround generally only takes 3 - 4 business days. One set of cards is issued with your membership application. If you plan to compete on more than one horse, an additional set of cards can be purchased.
  • You will need to be level assessed by an HRCAV assessor.  We are fortunate that there are 3 level assessors within 20 mins of Moorooduc. They are Jodie Goodman, Elinor Hannay & Marilyn Smithett. When you are assessed you will have to nominate the competition name for your horse, for HRCAV records.
  • You can book the level assessor yourself, or coordinate through the Club.  You will need to pay for the assessment, similar to a private lesson.  Before booking decide what you will be assessed for. ie. dressage, show jumping and horse trials.
  • If there are a few members joining at the same time, and you can arrange to be assessed together, the cost can be shared between you. If you are being assessed for jumping, you will need to set up 3 jumps.
  • Before you go to a competition you must have your membership card stamped and initialled by the HRCAV coordinator.- You must present your cards at the competition.  If they are not presented - or not stamped & signed you will NOT be able to compete. There are NO exceptions. For current members re-joining in November  dont forget to pay your HRCAV fees and have your membership card signed and stamped, before you next compete.
  • You must compete in the Moorooduc colours of grey, gold and white. Our uniform consists of a grey Club T shirt (or white /grey shirt or scivvy), grey vest and white jodhpurs. Grey polar fleece vests can be made to order or Tack Shops have a line of Tuk Tuk vests in light grey. Westernport Embroidery in Hastings have our artwork and will embroider the gold club logo for under $10.  Our saddle blankets for HRCAV are white with grey and gold binding. Marion at the Tack Box in Tyabb can bind these, and can also supply and sew a set of numbers on your saddle banket. If you prefer you can buy numbers that fit onto your bridle.
  • If you are interested in joining please contact our HRCAV coordinator.  It would be great to see more Moorooduc Saddle Club members out in the grey and gold competing this year. If you are a member of another club, you can nominate which Club you are competing for at each event on your entry form.