In July 2007, Moorooduc Saddle Club became a member of the HRCAV and we are currently taking membership applications for both HRCAV and non HRCAV members.

Moorooduc Saddle Club is currently taking new memberships!

To become a member, email your name and address to the Saddle Club.  All prospective members must attend at least one instruction rally to see first hand what the club has to offer.    Please book this by contacting us to arrange the date and type of lesson  If you are interested in joining you will then need to complete the membership application form and forward it to Moorooduc Saddle Club after you have ridden.

On rally day you will be required to sign a waiver form and pay a small day membership fee to cover you for public liability prior to riding. Correct boots and helmets must be used as per club rules. Once you have ridden, the committee will discuss your application at the next meeting. All going to plan an invoice will be sent out to you and once paid you are a member. After 3 months you are able to apply for a key to the grounds and toilets. There is a fee for the key but there is no charge for members to use the facilities.

Only full members are allowed to ride on the grounds. Inability to abide by the club rules will result in an immediate termination of your membership. Please make sure you are familiar with the club rules before applying for membership.

Moorooduc Saddle Club welcomes new members, our members ride for pleasure and enjoy using our facilities. Please let us know if we can provide you with any further information.

The club financial year runs from July 1st to June 30th, membership fees are due on July 1st and must be paid before riding at any rallies. We take new memberships throughout the year. Membership will be charged on a pro rata base if joining later in the year. Members may also join the HRCAV, whose fees are in addition to the Club fees.

Fee Schedule:

  • New Member joining fee -  $50.00
  • Annual Adult Membership fee or first junior* member - $120.00
  • Junior* membership fee (second family member) - $60.00
  • Adult public liability levy - $50.00
  • Junior* public liability levy - $30.00

*Junior members are 17 years and under.

Please contact us to request a membership application form.

Member responsibilities and safety considerations:

  • Safe and responsible riding behavior must be demonstrated at all times, taking care not to endanger other riders and  their horses, spectators, vehicles and equipment.
  • Saddlery must be in a safe and clean condition.
  • Correct riding apparel, specifically riding boots and approved safety helmets must be worn at all times, when you are mounted.
  • Horses must be tied up by a headstall and lead rope only.
  • Horses that kick must wear a red ribbon on their tail to warn other riders of the bad habit.
  • Riders must walk horses to the tie up rails, in the WALK ONLY zone between menage 1 and the entrance gate.
  • Members must NOT jump their horses unless accompanied by an adult, when training on non rally days.
  • Any accident or incident must be reported to a committee member, and an Incident Report must be filled in.
  • No stallions, colts or rigs at rallies unless prior approval has been given by the Committee.
  • No dogs are allowed on the grounds at any time
  • No offensive language or behavior by members is permitted.
  • Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted to participate in horse riding activities.

Club Service:

MSC is a family riding club that strives to maintain affordable fees.  It can only do so by the co-operation of all members.  The facilities are maintained and upgraded by members for use by members. The Club holds regular quarterly working bees on the 5th Sunday of the month when it falls.

All members must provide 10 hours of Club Service per year. Club Service hours can be accumulated by:

  • Attendance at working bees ( 2 per year of the 4 scheduled)
  • Set Up and Pack Up Crew at instruction rallies
  • Monthly Members Roster to either mow and tidy around Club house or clean Club house and toilets
  • Grounds maintenance by arrangement with the Club service coordinator

All members should ensure that their Club Service is recorded in the Club Service Register. Members are responsible for recording their own hours in the Service Register. Members must record 10 hours of service for the full year or pay $10 per hour for the undelivered service.

The committee acknowledges that members may have other commitments and may not be able to attend all working bees.  However, if club service is not provided, you will be charged the hourly levy with the next year's fees.  If you prefer not to attend working bees at all, please advise the Club Service coordinator, who will invoice you the $100 levy and this income then allows the Club to hire in contractors for grounds maintenance.

Alternate arrangements for Club Service can be made with the Club Service coordinator.