• 1st Sunday of the month - Trail Rides (from Club grounds or other pre-determined location) and Games/Other activities on Club grounds for those who don't wish to trail ride.
  • 1st Thursday of the month - Mid-week Instruction Rallies
  • 3rd Sunday of the month - Sunday Instruction Rallies

An email will be sent prior to the rally, reply by return email. Do not leave it to the last minute otherwise you  may be disappointed by missing out. Please also advise if there is anything specific that the coordinator and instructor may need to be aware of;  e.g. whether you or  your horse are recovering from an injury,  you are a new member or have a new horse in unfamiliar territory.

Instruction Rally Etiquette:

To ensure that all Instruction Rallies run smoothly the following schedule should be considered. Punctuality shows courtesy and respect to your co- members and instructors


  • If a gear check does not pass safety requirements, you will not be able to participate at the rally.
  • If you need to leave the class earlier than the designated time, please respect your instructor and request permission from the instructor before leaving the class.
  • If a class has commenced you may only join the class when invited to do so by the instructor.
  • Junior Members MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
  • Indoor Arena’s are booked from time to time for instruction rallies, particularly during winter.