Sunday Instruction Rallies

Sunday Rally Coordinators can be contacted via email to make your booking. Coordinators are rotated - details are on the Next Rally webpage.

At Sunday rallies the usual format is group lessons for dressage, flat only, flat and poles, jumping or cross-country instruction.  One flat lesson in the morning commencing at 10.00 am, 11.00 am or 12.00 pm and a second lesson for jumping and/or poles may be scheduled in the morning or in some instances in the afternoon commencing at 1.00pm. This is totally dependant on booking numbers.

  • The cost for each one hour lesson is $10 per lesson, per person.
  • Riders may book for up to two lessons.
  • Groups are usually made up of no more than 6 riders, however depending on the number of bookings and available instructors a group may be up to 6 riders.

Please make your booking by 8.00pm on the Tuesday night prior to the Sunday Rally. When booking in for a rally by email, please put down your full name and your preferred starting time for your first lesson time (i.e. 10.00 am or 11.00 am). Please advise whether you are booking for one or two lessons and whether you are booking for dressage, flat only, flat and poles or jumping lessons.

When all bookings are made the Rally Coordinators will advise by return email on Thursday night prior to the rally which lesson you are booked into. Lessons will be filled in order of the booking received.  If you book for a lesson and do not attend the rally, you are obliged to make the appropriate payment so as not to disadvantage the club financially.

Generally if you do not book in, you cannot ride in a lesson. If you have not booked a place, it is likely that most classes are already filled to maximum numbers. Please do not expect the rally coordinators to be able to fit you into a class without a prior booking. You are welcome to bring your horses to the rally and you may be able to secure a place in a lesson, but it is not guaranteed.

Two duty officers are appointed for each rally and their names will be on the notice board at the rally. Prior to riding please sign in the Day Book and pay your Day Fees. Correct money is always appreciated. If the duty officers ask for your help for any reason, please assist them; e.g. setting up or putting away dressage markers, rails and jump wings, tidying up the clubrooms and cleaning up the arena.

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