Trail Rides

Trail Ride Coordinator is Grant, who can be contacted via email to inform him that you will be joining the Trail Rid.

The club runs regular trail rides to local destinations and also conducts a number of weekends away during the year. Riders and mounts need to be confident around other horses and junior riders need to have a responsible adult present. The group usually consists of both experienced and less experienced riders, and we try to cater for both, in a safe environment.

Each Trail Ride is rated with either a 1, 2 or 3 rating:

  • A Rating 1 ride will travel no faster than walking pace.  These will usually be held within the club grounds. The rides are ideal for members who have new, unfamiliar or young horses and are looking for a trail ride in company, and in an enclosed environment.
  • A Rating 2 ride will travel no faster than a trot, and will also usually take place from the club grounds, and may access the local trail and road network.
  • A Rating 3 ride will involve 3 paces - walk, trot and canter, and will usually be a location away from the club grounds. Travelling by float can take up to an hour. Eg. Bass Coast Rail Trail, Greens Bush.

It is essential that you contact Grant before Friday night prior to the Trail Ride, to confrim that you are attending. If you find that you cannot attend or are running later please call Grant (or the member who may be taking the ride out) on their mobile before the 10 am start time. Due to weather conditions, rides may be postponed, so it is essential that everyone can be contacted, preferably on a mobile. Trail ride details & the coordinator's contact phone number are published on the Next Rally webpage the week before the trail ride.